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Need more customers? Let PitchBreeze AI do your cold outreach. Contact 1000 potential customers monthly with hyper-personalized messages on autopilot.

How will it look?


Why PitchBreeze?

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Impressive Results

Our emails have shown 30-60% Open Rates and 1-2% Interested Reply Rates. By contacting 1000 unique prospects, you can add 10-20 demos to your pipeline every month.

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Autopilot Magic

We will take care of the whole process: from integrating your ideal customer profile and value proposition to handing off incoming positive replies.

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Tailored Leads

You don’t have a leads list? No worries, we’ve got your back! Every month, we’ll provide you with 1,000 new leads that are tailored to your ideal customer profile and value proposition.

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Hyper-personalized Emails

Our AI software scans data signals like company news and social media to create hyper-personalized messages. And it is better then 30-mins of expert research per company!

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Full Control

Worried about your brand voice? You will have the full control over the process: from approving the leads we suggest to confirming sample outreach messages.

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Seamless Integration

All you need to provide us with is a warmed-up email mailbox for sending (ideally on a secondary domain, i.e. [email protected]). PitchBreeze team will connect all the dots.


How to get started?


Share your ICP and Value Proposition

Fill a short questionaire about your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Value Proposition so we can instruct PitchBreeze AI to tailor leads, data points scanning and messages crafting accordingly.


Approve the leads sample

If you do not have your own leads list we can provide you with one. All you need to do is to approve the sample, to ensure that we will contact the ideal potential customers for your business.


Provide an email account for outreach

Provide PitchBreeze team with a Gmail or Office365 account, ideally on a warmed-up secondary domain (i.e. [email protected]). We will use it for the outreach and whenever a positive reply received, it will be forwarded to your main email address.


PitchBreeze AI works for you

All the rest is on us! PitchBreeze will gather new leads, enrich them with important data points and craft amazing email outreach messages on autopilot.


Simple Pricing Plan

Pay-as-you-go, cancel anytime.

PitchBreeze AI Outreach




  • up to 1000 prospects contacted monthly
  • Upload your leads or use ours
  • Leads data points enrichment
  • Hyper-personalized outreach emails
  • PitchBreeze team does all the work

30 days no questions asked money back guarantee


PitchBreeze vs human cost comparison

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United States: $6,800/month

According to Glassdoor, a median US Sales Development Representative total pay is about $6,800/month (or $82,000/year).

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United Kingdom: £3,300/month

According to Glassdoor, a median UK Sales Development Representative total pay is about £3,300/month (or £40,000/year).

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Germany: €3,900/month

According to Glassdoor, a median Germany Sales Development Representative total pay is about €3,900/month (or €47,000/year).


It’s like having your sales outreach team on steroids. But this time it is fully automated and I can focus on closing the deals and growing the business!

Serge Belobrov

JustWork Founder


We got a positive reply on the first day! PitchBreeze team is doing all the heavy-lifting, from leads sourcing to sending emails. Highly recommended.

Eli Braginsky

MetaDialog Founder and CEO


Frequently asked questions

What is PitchBreeze?

Imagine a super-productive sales development rep, booking you dozens of meetings monthly, 24/7. This is PitchBreeze!

How does PitchBreeze work?

We follow a simple process to ensure you are getting lots of relevant meetings:

  1. You provide basic info about your company value proposition (i.e. “We automate 80% of your customer support inquiries in one hour”).
  2. You provide a short description of your ideal customer profile: job description, company industry and size etc. (i.e. “We target SaaS companies in the US with 500+ employees and $100m+ annual revenue“).
  3. PitchBreeze gets relevant leads (or you can upload yours), analyzes hundreds of data points and creates perfect 1-1 messages, tailored to each specific prospect.
  4. Once approved, PitchBreeze starts reaching out, like a human sales development representative.
  5. You get interested replies and meeting requests right into your mailbox. As simple as that.
How much does it cost?

We charge $495/month flat fee which includes contacting 1000 unique prospects each month for you.

Can I upload my leads?

Absolutely! You can add your leads in a CSV format and PitchBreeze will do the rest.

What is needed to get started?

In order to get started we need the following things from you:

  • A warmed up email mailbox, ideally on a secondary domain (i.e. [email protected])
  • Filling in a short questionnaire about your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Value Proposition. We will guide you through this process.

What is the timeline after we complete the paperwork?

Usually, the process is the following:

  • We send you our short Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Value Proposition questionnaire to learn more about your company and potential customers.
  • As soon as you provide us with the ICP and Value Proposition it takes us 1-2 business day to provide you a leads sample for approval. If you have a leads list, you just send it to us.
  • You provide us with a warmed-up mailbox, ideally on a secondary domain (i.e. [email protected]). If you do not have a warmed-up mailbox, you just create one and we will do the warm-up oureselves.
  • Meanwhile, we enrich leads list (either yours or ours) with important data points which will enable PitchBreeze AI to craft hyper-personalized emails.
  • Usually it takes about 1 week to complete all the preparatory work if you have a warmed-up mailbox or 2 weeks if we have to do the warm-up for you.
  • Once this process is over, we start sending the first real emails. You can see them all in the Sent folder of the mailbox provided.
Can I change the messages PitchBreeze sends?

No, this process is fully automated. However, we can adjust the data points collection and the AI engine to calibrate messages generation. We are fully committed to make it work, so will adjust settings for the best performance possible

What happens if a prospect replies? And if (s)he doesn’t?

We usually set up a campaign with a couple of follow-ups which wil be executed if there is no reply received. Whenever we get a reply, the outreach campaign will stop automatically and all the positive replies wil be forwarded to your main email address, so you (or your sales team) can take it from there.

How do you send emails?

The emails are sent via the Gmail or Office365 emails account provided. See “What is needed to get started?” question for details.

Do you provide a free trial?

We don’t have a free trial option because every email PitchBreeze delivers is customized and tailored to your needs, which involves significant expenses and effort from our side. However, we do offer flexible contract terms that minimize any potential risks for you.

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Supercharge your business with AI sales outreach crafting hyper-personalized emails for your potential customers on autopilot.